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RPSC RAS ​​Exam Interview Preparation Tips In Hindi – Interview Tips in Hindi: It is important to show patience and analytical ability in your answers – WPage

Interview Tips in Hindi: Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) organizes the Rajasthan State and Subordinate Services Combined Competitive Examination from time to time for the recruitment of state civil servants in the state. This is the biggest exam of the state. There are three stages of this exam. Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and Interview. After qualifying the main exam the commission invites for the interview. This interview is of 100 marks. According to the commission, in addition to giving marks in respect of character, personality and physique in the interview of the candidates, the knowledge of the Rajasthani culture of the candidates is tested. The interview for state services is multifaceted. There is no fixed syllabus or pattern, but it can be prepared keeping in mind the nature of state service posts. This preparation plays a big role in the selection of interview marks.

answer like this
This interview is a complete test of your personality. It requires patience, patience and self-confidence. Do not answer immediately after asking the question of the interview board, listen to the question patiently. Answer with restraint and confidence.

preparation of hypothetical questions
According to the needs of the state service, some hypothetical questions are often asked by the interview board. Such questions assess your psychology and administrative ability. Therefore, answer such questions according to practical and rational keeping in mind the humanistic point of view. As an administrative officer, how will you benefit the public from government schemes? Your approach to such question should be fresh, so that your new ideas can bring agility in the administration and the members of the board are influenced by your point of view.

do study them
In general, you should study the art and culture, geography and economy of Rajasthan deeply. Along with this, there should be accurate information about the country’s constitution, the country’s political system, public policies, civil society and the then burning issues. How is your attitude towards the policies made by the Government of India and the State Government? You are going to become an administrative officer, so your qualities like social, economic and political attitude, decision making ability, leadership ability, attitude towards problems are tested. Therefore your personality should be rational, scientific, humanistic and progressive. Your answers should not be narrow and conservative.

definitely understand it
The frequently asked question is, why do you want to become an RAS officer? You should have a clear vision and reason for this, don’t give fake answers at all. Go through the newspapers in the morning on the day of the interview. Many times a question is asked on a burning political, social issue, which is the headline of the newspapers on that day. So prepare around the basic parameters.

don’t make these mistakes
When the interview board members are asked to complete the interview, then leave from there. Be sure to say thank you before you go back. Many a times, due to sharp questions and harsh attitude on the part of the team, the candidates get nervous and come out without saying thank you. Avoid this. Whatever the interview is, maintain humility and patience.

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