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How To Start Ecommerce Business – HTIPS

If you are thinking of starting an Ecommerce business, then this decision is going to prove to be a boon for you in the future.

You can start Ecommerce business with very little investment by using internet, but for this you need to know enough about Ecommerce business, so in this article we have shared all the information about Ecommerce business, by reading which you can easily start successful Ecommerce business. will do.

What is Ecommerce Business

The business of selling goods through the Internet with the help of a website or application is called Ecommerce Business.

The full name of Ecommerce Business is Electronic Commerce and it is also known as Online Business.

In online business also you sell services or goods to people like offline business, the only difference is that the process of buying goods and payment is done online.

With the help of the Internet, people can do many types of online business (such as Ecommerce business, Dropshipping Business, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing etc.) are doing.

How To Start Ecommerce Business

To start an online business, you have to complete the steps given below one by one:-

Step#1. Do Research on Business Idea

Research in Hindi

To start any business or work, you have to think about it. This is the first step of any business.

First of all, think about what kind of service and product you want to sell and keep in mind that whatever option you are choosing is famous or not.

for this you online business idea You can research about.

After thinking thoroughly, you can create a structure of the business, which will make it easier for you to start a business.

Step#2. Select Business Name

domain name

When you have decided what you want to sell online, then you have to choose the name of the business which is the name of your Ecommerce website. Domain Name also says.

While choosing a business name, it is important to keep the following things in mind:-

  • The name should be short which is easy to remember. For example, if we look at the names of very big companies, they are very small like Google, Youtube, Amazon And so on.
  • Choose a name that reflects your business. For example, if you are selling clothes online and the business name is, then reading this any customer will feel that your site is related to food. Therefore, you have to keep the name of your business in such a way that it shows about your business.
  • The name should be unique and which should not have any other meaning in any other language. Take care not to use any special symbols in your domain name because people have trouble remembering them.

Step3#. Register Business

There are two steps to registering a business.

1. Select the type of Business Registration

You can choose any one of the following types of business registration.

  • Sole Proprietorship :- Sole Proprietorship is called Sole Proprietorship in Hindi and it is also known as Sole Trader. Only one person is the owner of this type of business. Employee’s can also hire if he wants.
  • Limited Liability partnership :- Limited Liability Partnership is also called LLP. This type of business is run by two or more people together.
  • cooperative Liability is limited in this type of business. Which can be organized for Profit and Non Profit. It has members.
  • Franchises :- Franchises are a system in which Entrepreneur buys the right to start and run a business from a large corporation. This business system is more popular in the United States.
  • Company Limited by Guarantee :- Such companies are formed for non commercial purpose. Such as Clubs and Charities, you will get to see more in England.
  • Company Limited by Shares :- This is a very common type of company which is used for Business Venture.

This is a very important step because if you choose a business based on Partnership or Cooperative then you will get a Tax ID Number have to give. In this type of online business, Employer Identification Number has to be given, after which you have to open a Business Bank Account so that you can pay business tax.

But if you choose Sole Proprietorship then you will not need to give Tax ID Number. You can use your Social Security Number which will be given to you at the time of registration.

2. Apply for Registration

This is the most important task of starting an online business.

First of all, for Directors Identification Number, you have to fill the form by visiting the online website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. To fill the form you have your Aadhar Card, Pan Card And there should be a Digital Signature Certificate.

You can take the help of a Business Chartered Account to get your company registered. The total cost will not exceed ₹7000.

The most important thing for an online business in India is that you also have to register for GST Tax. You can do this by visiting the GST Portal of the Government of India.

Step#4. open bank account

After the company is registered, you will get a name in the name of the company itself. bank account Will have to open

you account any Bank can be opened in

If you have chosen Proprietorship Model for your business, then GST Registration will have to be done. Only after that you will be able to open an account in the name of the company.

Step#5. Design a Logo

When you have done all kinds of legal documentation, then you should get a logo designed.

If you want, you can get the logo designed with the first letter of your business name like Amazon’s A and Flipkart’s F etc.

You Canva And DesignCap like free Software You can easily do logo design using this or you can get a logo made by hiring a freelancer.

Step#5. Website Design

You have many options to create an e-commerce website like WordPress, Shopify and Codecanyon etc.

You can create your own website on WordPress by buying Domain Name and Web Hosting. Read information about creating a website on WordPress

Everything related to Ecommerce business is available on the Shopify Platform, you can easily start Ecommerce business in a day by creating a website. Learn to Build an Ecommerce Website on Shopify,

There are many types of tools available on Codecanyon, so you can easily create an Ecommerce website by buying the script of the website from here. Learn to build a website by buying an ecommerce script,

If you do not know how to buy domain and web hosting then Understand Step by Step Information on Buying Domain Name and Web Hosting,

Note : You can take our help to build a website or to understand the information of the website by spending only 500 rupees. book a meeting online now,

Step#6. Setup Payment Gateway

In online business, order and payment are received online, so to get payment, we need to set up a payment gateway. All types of payment options like credit card, Debit Card, Net Banking and Cash Transaction options are available.

for India Razorpay, Instamojo and Paypal Like Payment Gateway is very good.

To setup Payment Gateway on the website, you have to submit some documents like Bank Account (which is in the name of business), Business Pan Card, Business Registration Certificate, etc.

Once all these documents are approved, then you will be able to start taking online payment on your website.

Step#7. Setup Logistics

Dropshipping Business

This step is very important for a successful business in India.

Logistics refers to the whole process of sending an order to a customer. This process keeps track of the shipped goods until they are delivered to the customer. In this, the customer is also able to track his product. Due to which he also trusts your website.

For this, you should contract with a company that is ready to provide service at cheap prices. Because there are many people who do not buy goods online due to high Delivery Charges even after liking the goods.

How To Make Ecommerce Business Popular

It is not that when you start your business, you will become popular, for this you will have to work hard. We are telling below some steps to make your business popular:

Step-1. SEO Marketing

The whole world today for Smart Marketing Search Engine Optimization Using Marketing Strategy. If you want to attract online customers to your business, then you can use SEO. It helps you to get number one in Search Engine.

Step-2. Advertisement

This is another way by which you can increase your customers. For this Google AdsCan use Facebook Ads etc. Once people click on the ads and they come to your website. In this way you can make your business popular by seeing ads.

Step-3. Retargeting

Retargeting is a process in which people who come to your site once and go back without buying anything, then a cookie is created on their computer, after which when your customers visit any other website, then their screen from the Retargeting Network. But the ads of your website are visible.

Step-5. Old Methods

If your budget is less, due to which you cannot attract online customers, then you can use the old methods. You can advertise your business on paper or ask your customers.

You can contact with professional bloggers and YouTubers to ask them to write articles or make videos for your brand.

Step-6. Social Media

Social media is a great way to make your business popular because most of the people in the world use social media the most in their spare time.

You can make your business popular by sharing it on your social media sites or by advertising your service and product.

Ecommerce Business FAQs

Q1. How To Start Ecommerce Business Without Money?

Ans: You will need money to start ecommerce business. The cost of starting a business depends on you because starting an online business can cost from ₹ 12000 to lakhs of rupees.

If you want to earn money without investing Information on how to earn money without investment read to

Q2. Is Ecommerce Business Profitable?

Ans: Yes, but it may take some time. It depends on your hard work that how popular you make your business and how many good products you send. So along with working hard, you also have to be patient.

Q3. What to sell online through e-commerce?

Ans: Whether online or offline, you can sell any item, but you cannot earn very well by selling anything. Therefore, sell such things in your business, whose demand is high and the profit is also good.

Hope you liked the information about starting an Ecommerce business.

Comment for any query related to Ecommerce Business.

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