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How to do Image SEO Optimization on your Blog 2022 – BLOG SEO HELP

If you are a blogger or a YouTuber, then you should know this thing in Image SEO Optimization Kaise Kare in 2022 because if you do SEO of the image in a good way, then the image along with your post also ranks in the search engine and even better to you. There is a lot of traffic.

We have seen many new bloggers, they work very hard in writing their post but without doing Image SEO Optimization, they publish in their blog.

When you do SEO of your image properly, then the image also ranks in the top in the search engine and through that image a lot of traffic comes to your blog.

It takes a lot of hard work to design a feature image for your blog post, but it is very easy to do SEO, but many people forget to do this much work and they are not able to take full advantage of that image.

Importance of Image in Blog, Website

Image SEO Optimization is of great importance in our blog or blog post. The image of our blog post should be in such a way that on seeing it, the reader can understand about that post, what kind of information they are going to get here.

When you put a feature image in your blog post, that image also appears in the search engine and through that image many readers can access your post.

If your blog is not able to perform in the top for some reason in the search engine, then it is possible that the image of that post will appear in the top and you will get a lot of traffic through that image.

As much as we care about the text written in our post and On Page or Off Page SEO And Backlink But we have to pay equal attention to the image put in our post.

If the image inserted in your post starts performing in the top of the search engine, then whether your post ranks or not, you will continue to get traffic from the search engine through the same image.

Many new bloggers think that when our post comes in the top of the search engine, then its image also ranks, but it is not the case at all that the post which is performing in the top in the search engine, the image of that post also performs well. .

We have seen many images performing in the top in the search engine, but the ranking of the post in which the image is in was seen to be completely down.

If the image put in that post along with your post also starts appearing in the top, then you understand that you have worked hard for that post, only then both the post and the image are ranking in the top.

Image SEO Optimization Kaise Kare

If you have clicked or designed an image for your blog post, then we are starting the process of Image SEO Optimization of that image below.

rename file

When we shoot any kind of image with our camera or design in any software and when that image has to be put in our blog post, then it should be renamed and put main focus keyword of our post in its name.

For example, the main focus keyword of this post is “Image SEO Kaise Kare”, so we will keep this keyword in the name of the file of the feature image being used in our post, you can download the feature image shown below the title from here. You can check his name.

Many new bloggers design the image for their blog post and upload it in their post without changing its name, but this image will not be a good experience for SEO.

Choose the right file format of the image.

When you click an image in your mobile or computer by camera or design on any software, then its file format is jpeg, png, svg etc. But you change its format and convert it to WebP.

If you change the file format of your image to webP, then the file size of your image will also be smaller and those images will load faster in your blog post.

If you don’t know how to convert your image’s file format to WebP, here’s a guide. Convert JPEG or PNG to WebP Image Read this post and change the file format of images to be uploaded in all your posts.

If you are uploading a logo or icon on your blog, then change its file format to SVG.

Insert the image in the right place in the post

When we start adding a post to our blog, first we put the written text in the post and then put the image, but while adding the image, keep in mind that in which part of your post it is to be placed.

Place the image in the part of your post where it is necessary and make sense of that image.

For example, you can place the image below the title or, if needed, the image can be placed below a heading or sub-heading.


Whenever we upload an image in our blog post, then there is an option to write captions for that image, then definitely write the caption of that image.

Enter ALT Tag

ALT Tag is inserted while uploading the image in the post because Google is not able to read the image put by us, it understands only through ALT Tag what this image is about.

According to Image SEO, ALT Tag plays a very important role. Our image is able to rank in Search Engine only through ALT Tag.

Add Structured Data to Images

If you add schema data or structured data to your blog then it is a very good thing. You must also add structured data for all the images, videos or other products you use in your posts.

Must read this guideline of Google for Structured Data. structured data general guidelines

XML Image Sitemap

the way you post your Create XML Sitemap Similarly you can create XML Image Sitemap for all the images available on your blog but for this you need some technical knowledge or you can contact your developer.

With the help of XML Image Sitemap, Google is able to find or identify all the images available on our blog correctly.

Apart from this, you can use the Google Images Extension, through which Google gets a lot of information about the images available on your blog and you allow Google’s Crawler to crawl the image available on your site.

Use Image CDN

CDN You must have heard the name of it, its full name is content delivery network, through which the content available on your blog is made available at many locations as quickly as possible, and it plays an important role for Image SEO Optimization.

If you use a good image CDN, then it delivers the image to your reader very fast and this greatly improves the page experience.

And finally Image SEO summary

For Image SEO, we have to keep many things in mind, in recent times, Google has started recognizing the image faster than before. While uploading images in your post, keep the following points in mind.

  • Put such images in your post that is similar to the post written.
  • After designing the image, name it as the main keyword of your post.
  • Use srcset for images.
  • Try to keep the file size of the image to a minimum.
  • Be sure to add captions while uploading an image in a blog post.
  • While inserting the image in the post, definitely enter the Alt Tag of that image.
  • Add structured data of the image along with the post.
  • Please add open graph and Twitter card tag to the image.
  • Add the image to the XML Sitemap.
  • Use an image CDN for images on your blog.

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what we learned today

In the field of blogging, as much importance as the text written in our post is equally important for the image inserted in that post.

If you put an image in your blog by following the steps mentioned above in the right way, then even if your post does not rank, then you get a lot of traffic from the search engine through that image.

We hope that you must have learned a lot from this post, do you still have any question or you want to give any suggestion to us, then tell us by writing in the comment box below.

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