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Google Search calls Kannada ‘ugliest language’, apologizes after mounting criticism – WPage

It was a while ago that on doing a Google search “India’s most ugly languageSo in response Kannada Was visible. This led to several Kannada speaking citizens, activists and political leaders slamming Google for insulting the Indian language. As a result, the Mountain View giant removed Kannada and apologized to the citizens as a result of the ugliest language in India.

The recent situation escalated when Kannadigas found that Google shows Kannada as the result of a search query “the ugliest language in the world”. Following the discovery, Karnataka government’s Forest Minister Arvind Limbavali took to Twitter to slam Google.

Limbavali, sharing a tweet thread from his official Twitter handle, said that Kannada has been “the pride of Kannadigas” for almost one and a half millennia. Hence, Google marking it as “the ugliest language in India” is merely an attempt by the Mountain View veteran to insult his pride, wrote Limbavali. After this, the minister demanded an apology from Google as soon as possible.

Soon after the Karnataka minister’s tweet, Google took to Twitter to share an apology letter for the accident. The Mountain View giant wrote that “search is not always accurate” and the way content is described on the Internet can sometimes give systems unfavorable results.

The company further said that the results do not “naturally” reflect the opinion of Google.

As of now, Google has removed Kannada as the search result for the query “India’s ugliest language”. However, the company saw a ton of response from other Kannada speaking population in the country. What are your thoughts on this situation? Is this Google’s fault?

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