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Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Mozilla Working Together to Improve Browser Extensions – WPage

for all users Browser extensions There are a lot more helpful ones, whether it’s Chrome extensions, Firefox add-ons, or extensions from Safari. At the same time, developing them for different browsers is a very difficult task for the developer.

In an effort to standardize browser extensions, Google, Apple, Microsoft And mozilla Major tech giants including, have come together to form the WebExtensions Community Group (WECG).

WebExtensions The Community Group (WECG) aims to make it easier for developers to create extensions. To achieve this, participating browser vendors seek to specify a consistent model of functionality, APIs and permissions through this community. WECG seeks to improve the overall reliability of extensions by underpinning architectures that enhance performance and security.

“We will start by working on a specification, using the existing extension model and APIs supported by Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari as a basis. Our goal is to identify common ground, bring implementation into closer alignment, and lay out a course for future development,” wrote the W3C team in the announcement post.

However, this does not mean that browsers will no longer offer new APIs that power specific use cases. in the same post, The W3C clarified that the community will not specify every aspect of the web extension platform.

“We do not plan to specify, standardize or coordinate around extension signing or distribution. Each browser vendor will continue to operate its extension store completely independently with its own technical, review and editorial policies,” the post added.

The community urges other browser makers to join the effort. In addition, it will invite contributions after the unveiling of the first draft of the specification. If you want to know how this initiative will affect you as a developer, check out the full charter on GitHub.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to get better extensions for our Mac and Windows browsers and everything else.

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