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Big Brother movie download tamilrockers ibomma

Big Brother movie download tamilrockers ibomma. Sachidanadan had to go to the juvenile home for committing an unintentional murder. After his release, the recent things that happened to his family, shock Sachidanandan and he has to fight against a powerful drug racket in the city.

Big Brother movie download tamilrockers

Big Brother movie download by tamilrockers or ibomma

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Why does Mohanlal have to act in such films? (Top Review)

I have never enjoyed the individual ventures directed by Siddique. Except for its humorous elements, I did not enjoy his hits like Hitler, Friend or Bodyguard either. For the first time director ventures into an action film entirely. But the end result is a snooze fest and continues director’s decline in making quality films. What the story promises and how the end result turns would even make die-hard Mohanlal fans disillusioned with the film. The film entirely relies on the shoulder of Mohanlal but it dampens out because of its illogical action sequences and cliches involved. Among the supporting actors the trio of Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Tini Tom & Irshad enact their parts well but actors like Anoop Menon, Arbaaz Khan, Siddique, Asif Basra are wasted in their respective roles despite the potential.

Big Brother movie download

Last year began with a snooze fest like Mikhael. This year and decade begin with a bigger debacle like Big Brother. Director Siddique should take inspiration from directors like Joshiy in reinventing their films according to the audience’s present liking. Also, Mohanlal should become more selective in films rather than acting in disastrous films of such a nature. It is a pity that legends like Mammootty and Mohanlal have to act in such films when their contemporaries in other regional film industries or Bollywood are trying to reinvent themselves with unconventional roles.

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