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Dr Disrespect and Tim the Tatman expose major Overwatch SR issue in OW return stream

Popular YouTube streamers Dr. Disrespect and Tim the Tatman made their return to Overwatch on January 26 — or at least tried to — before a big old skill rating problem reared its ugly head.

In his heyday, Tim the Tatman was one of the most popular Overwatch streamers on Twitch, often topping the platform’s most-watched broadcasters. However, as the game got older and newer games were released, Tim found himself playing less and less of Blizzard’s hero shooter.

However, on January 26, he made his long-awaited return to Overwatch in his first OW stream since switching to YouTube. Unfortunately for Tim (and everyone wanted to see him with Dr. Disrespect), the game itself almost stopped the two of them from playing together.

After the two completed the Warzone portion of their broadcast, Tim and Doc turned their attention to Overwatch with the intention of queuing up competitive — but some game design choices were making this impossible.

Overwatch SR kills off the duo of Dr. Dishonor and Timad Tatman

Tim logged into his main account and joined him twice, the two forming a group and ready to have their competitive placement match, when Tim was greeted on a screen informing him that this was not possible. Will happen.

As it turns out, due to Tim’s previous SR high from season one, the game felt it was unfair for him to line up with Dr.

“I haven’t played in like two seasons,” the Complexity star said before going on to her alternate account. Sadly, that too reached the SR level the game was considered to be very high – from two years ago!


Even Tim’s alternate account was too much for the Doctor.

Amazingly, Tim last played competitively on his alternate account in season 20 and now it’s season 32, so a lot of time had passed. Despite the fact that Tim’s skills were also impaired, he and the Doctor were deemed incapable of playing team-based games together.

Twice teased for bringing his speed, violence and speed to Overwatch, “If you just give me three months, obviously I’m going to surpass what you’ve done and we’ll be able to play with each other.” will be able.” “But I don’t have time yet.”

Finally, after logging into his wife’s account, the two YouTubers finally found a way to queue up, but only after spending a lot of time trying to find a solution.

Hopefully, when the sequel is finally released, Blizzard can find a way to better allow friends to play Overwatch together.

TSM brings NICKMERCS Snip3 back to ALGS after departure

Nicholas ‘Nickmars’ Kolchef and Halo legend Eric ‘Snip3Down’ Wrona have announced that they will team up for the upcoming ALGS event.

This comes just two days after Nick and fellow Apex contestant revealed Work There was a team of two people and wanted to make a move for the Apex Legends Global Series event to be held in February.

As things developed, the two tried to ask who would be the third team member, but they have now confirmed that the Hello Legend and former Apex supporter Snip3Down will be leaving the team.

NICKMERCS and Snip3down will compete in ALGS in February

TSM/343 Industries/Response Entertainment

Snip3down was previously a member of TSM Apex before returning to Halo.

While Snip3Down’s return has been speculated ever since he left TSM, the official reveal came in the form of a tweet from Colchef.

It was business as usual for the streamer when he dropped the announcement: “The team is closed for ALGS. Deeds, Snip3Down and I. Tournament at the end of February. We’re all cheated on, let’s get over it! Apex rank grind, all f****n’ days. meet there.”

Vrona didn’t have much to say in response to the announcement, opting to simply tell her fans that things are going to get spicy soon: “Now it’s going to be fun.”

This means that both experienced Apex and Halo players will race together on the professional circuit.

At Halo, they are supported by teammates Bound, Bubudubu and Falketed – and together they finished third in the inaugural HCS Raleigh Open event.

While some fans may worry what this means for Snip3Down’s Halo prospects, Kolchef confirmed that both sides took this into account when trying to make it all work: “What have we been doing at the moment? Have been and looked at the schedule of what we’re preparing. To do and they don’t struggle. There’s no scheduling conflict, so that’s a good sign.”

Asmgold Responds to Fans Begging to Come Back on Main Twitch Channel

Twitch star Asmongold has teased his much-anticipated return to streaming on his main channel soon and explained why he is taking his time back.

Since the passing of his mother, Asmongold has been streaming exclusively on his secondary channel, zackrawrr.

He explained on 16 December that he is actually making very little money from streaming on his backup channel. He talked about why he didn’t want to host sponsored streams because they “could make a lot of money, but [he just doesn’t] needs to be done.” Now, he is teasing a comeback on his main channel.

Square Enix / AsmGold / Blizzard

Asmongold has over 2.4 million followers on its main page.

Asmgold will return to its main channel “soon”

The popular WoW streamer sent out a tweet in which he apologized to his followers as well as an explanation as to why he was streaming on his backup page, often without cameras or mics.

“Sorry, I haven’t posted anything about streaming on the main channel, yet I’m a person who spends a lot of time on my mind and at times it just holds me back.”

He also indicated when he would be back, saying: “I appreciate all of you who have been so patient and helpful, it means a lot, I will be back soon.”

There’s clearly no set date anytime soon and only time will tell if he plans to return to the streaming game within days, weeks, or even months.

However, the WoW star is still active on his backup channel as well as his YouTube channel where he has been uploading almost daily.

Police for delivering food after arresting DoorDash driver goes viral on Tiktok

A police officer for his commitment to service, safety and “delivery” has gone viral on TikTok after a DoorDash driver was arrested with an order.

Food delivery apps, such as Uber Eats and DoorDash, have become increasingly popular, especially amid global health concerns. With virtually any restaurant now able to offer delivery, there are a lot of orders on the road.

But what happens if a delivery driver is pulled over or even arrested with an order? That’s exactly what happened when a South Dakota woman ordered some arabic, but her driver got stuck on the way.

Luckily for him, the arresting officer was not allowing his food to cool down and took matters into his own hands.

If Tiktok is unable to load then click here

@anastasiaelsinger #ring #doordash Original soundtrack – Anastasia Elsinger

Police officer surprises TikTok with DoorDash delivery

In a viral video caught on camera at Anastasia Elsinger’s door, the police officer shows her home with his DoorDash delivery.

“I know I’m not what you’re expecting, but your driver got arrested,” the cop revealed. “So I figured I’d bring you DoorDash.”

Since being uploaded on January 25, the clip has garnered over 11 million views, taking TikTok by storm.


How many cops will deliver food after arresting the delivery driver?

Speaking to Argus Leader, Elsinger originally thought that her meal would be delayed or even canceled after seeing police lights and assumed her driver had been pulled over. So, she was pleasantly surprised when the police took it upon themselves to bring her personally to Arbi.

Police spokesman Sam Clemens praised delivery officer Sam Buhr. According to Clemens, the DoorDash driver was arrested for a crime during delivery and Buhr took it upon himself to complete the trip.

However, don’t expect the police to give orders very often, as Clemens clarified that this was not a “normal” incident.

“It’s not normal by any stretch, but little things like this go above and beyond helping people. That’s what we do,” Clemens explained.

YouTuber celebrates historic victory over Toei Animation after 150 copyright strikes

Popular anime essayist Totally Not Mark has scored a historic YouTube victory against Toei Animation after the anime company handed him over 150 copyright strikes in a single day.

In December 2021, anime critic Totally Not Mark came up with grim news for their 700,000 subscribers – more than 150 of their videos were claimed by Toei Animation on grounds of copyright infringement.

Toei Animation is a Japanese animation company that owns the rights to shows such as One Piece, Dragon Ball and others. Totally Not Mark is known for reviewing episodes and movies of Dragon Ball, where he occasionally uses footage from the material he is reviewing.

According to Mark, Toei effectively blocked the equivalent of three years of his work, leaving him “devastated” and insisting on providing for both his team and his family during the holiday season.

Youtube: Totally No Mark

YouTuber Totally Not Mark was left “devastated” after more than 150 of his videos were claimed on the grounds of copyright infringement.

After back-and-forth with YouTube and heartfelt pleas from Toei, Mark eventually walked away from the situation and privatised his opening video discussing the matter.

However, in January 2022, Mark returned with a shocking update: YouTube had reinstated his affected videos in most countries outside of Japan.

One Piece Artwork Official Toei
Eiichiro Oda / Toei Animation

Toei Animation is known for properties such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and more.

Totally Not Mark Toei gives update on copyright strike drama

This latest development comes after Toei allegedly failed to comply with YouTube’s copyright strike policy.

According to Mark’s latest announcement, instead of responding with “justification” for his 150+ removal notices, Toei manually claimed and blocked “every one” of the videos.

As a result, YouTube effectively avoided “taking a side” in the fight, and has now reinstated Mark’s videos in most countries outside of Japan.

This means that, if Toei did hit Mark with another strike, they would be operating outside their country’s copyright laws.

“YouTube realized that videos could reasonably qualify for a fair use exemption in most parts of the world,” Mark explained. “So the Content will remain everywhere until, or until, Toei can argue that it would not qualify for copyright exemption in other territories.”

Mark claimed that this is the first time YouTube has applied such a rule to copyright matters, leading to anime critics on the platform after being backed by creators like MoistCritical and even PewDiePie amid the initial chaos. This is a historic victory for him.

Toei has not publicly commented on the subject at the time of writing.